High School Youth Ministry









 High School Policy in Preparation for Confirmation 

The following are high school requirements that begin when you enter 9th grade, in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation when you begin your 11th grade year.


  • Psychological maturity.
  • Depth of Faith.
  • Commitment to Christ and faith-community.
  • Knowledge/understanding of the teachings of the Church.

 Adult Membership Requires:

  • Registration as a member of the Parish.
  • Regular attendance at weekend Mass.
  • Service to the parish community.
  • Responsible financial support as one is able.

Stages of Preparation: (Grades 9 & 10)

  • Attend 3 Lighthouse Family Events and participate in parish  sponsored service projects, in each of grades 9 & 10.
  •  Attend at least one of the following in either Grade 9 or Grade 10:                                    Don Bosco Day or Wisconsin Youth Rally.
  •  Attend weekend Mass regularly.

 Immediate Preparation: (Grade 11)

  • Register as adult member of St Gregory the Great Parish.
  • Attend weekend Mass regularly.
  • Attend Confirmation preparation classes (includes Advent and Lent events in parish).
  • Contribute financially to the church as one is able.
  • Complete written reflection on one’s growth in faith.
  • Attend Confirmation Retreat*.
  • Participate in service activities.

 Final Stages of Preparation:

  • Letter to the Pastor requesting to be confirmed.
  • Interview with a member of the parish.
  • Letter to the Archbishop / Bishop asking to be confirmed by him.
  • Attendance at Rehearsal and Celebration.

Juniors should fulfill all their requirements by March 1 of the year they want to be confirmed.

*Confirmation Retreat is required by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in order to be confirmed. Retreat dates vary from year to year.                

For more information, contact Jo Therese Fahres at
414-543-8292 ext. 238, jfahres@stgregsmil.org