St. Gregory the Great Parish School Parent/Teacher Conferences

Friday, February 8th

Conferences are set-up for 20 minute time slots

We're using to organize our conferences.
1) Click on the appropriate link below.
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
Please contact St. Gregory the Great Parish School office at 414-321-1350 for any questions.

Early sign up is suggested to secure your preferred time slot.

Be sure to login to Power School at to view your child’s grades and attendance.


Please follow the links below to sign-up for your child(ren) conference(s).

4K:  Mrs. Scheuer
5K:  Mrs. Hayes
1st grade:  Ms. Holahan
2nd grade:  Ms. Jelich
3rd grade:  Ms. Wagner
4th grade:  Mrs. Dahl
5th grade:  Mrs. Bayer
6th grade:  Mrs. Gallo
7th grade:  Mrs. Feuling
8th grade:  Mrs. Orlowski
Music Specialist:  Mrs. Collins
Physical Education & Health Specialist:  Mr. Oberdorf
Bilingual Para Professional:  Senora Campos
Learning Specialist:  Mrs. Seidcheck
Reading Specialist: Mrs. Wabiszewski