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 First Reconciliation/Eucharist Schedule 2017-18

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Holy Communion is the heart of our experience of Jesus Christ. When we gather to say Thank You (which is what the word "Eucharist" means) for the blessings we receive, we unite ourselves closely to the Lord by receiving the Body and Blood in communion. The Mass (or Eucharistic celebration) unites us in the closest way to our God who loves us and offered his son for us. Every Mass is a celebration of Easter and the blessings of life.
The First Reconciliation/First Holy Communion preparation involves attendance of a parent and child at approximately nine sessions that are about an hour and a half in length. In addition, attendance at the Lighthouse Sunday School Program is required for those families whose children do not attend St. Gregory the Great School. 
For more information, contact  Michelle Zakula at 414-543-8292, ext. 216 ,