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St. Gregory the Great Parish Pastoral Council
Leading with Grace, Wisdom, and Vision
St. Gregory the Great Parish and School Mission Statement
As baptized members of the Roman Catholic Church,
we endeavor to support and nurture our relationship with Christ and one another
through the celebration of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist.
We strive to serve Christ through our longstanding commitment to
education, hospitality and works of justice.

The parish pastoral council:
§ Examines and considers all that relates to pastoral work, and proposes practical conclusions to the pastor concerning the ongoing life and mission of the parish.
§ Develops and maintains a mission statement for the parish
§ Engages in the ongoing process of pastoral planning to assess parish needs, determine priorities and options for meeting those needs
§ Develops policies that serve to carry out the parish mission
From the Archdiocesan Parish Council Manual—2005

Membership on the Parish Pastoral Council
Members of the Parish Pastoral Council are recognized leaders in the community that have discerned appropriate spiritual gifts which allow them to best serve the parish in their role on the pastoral council.
The council is comprised of 8 members at large, all of whom must be registered members of the parish who participate in the life of the community, especially in the celebration of Sunday Eucharist. Nominees for the pastoral council will participate in a process of discernment, which includes a spiritual gifts inventory. The term for newly discerned members will be three years, limited to two consecutive terms.

Regular meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month.
Liason/Participation in Commissions: Council members each participate as a member of one of the 8 commissions of the council.

Fr. Thomas Demse, Pastor

Michael Esser, Chair & Stewardship

Donna Higgins, Trustee

Marge Fischer, Trustee

Michelle Konkel, Formation


Barbara Freuck, Worship

Jim Samz, Justice & Charity


Brian Zydzik, Finance

Beth O'Connor, School

Margaret Casey, Finance

Randy Green, Community   

Patricia Boyle, Pastoral Care