High School Youth Ministry



As a high school student, teens are ready to take that next step towards adulthood. Through Youth Ministry, teens take what they have learned in their grade school Faith Formation classes and put it into practice. Teens are encouraged to get involved with the parish through service. For those teens that attend public or non-Catholic high schools, they are required to enroll in the Pre-Confirmation Program prior to entering into the Immediate Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation their Junior year of high school. 

Policy for the Reception of Confirmation

  • Psychological maturity
  • Depth of Faith
  • Commitment to Christ and faith-community
  • Knowledge/Understanding of the teaching of the Church
 Adult Membership Requires:
  • Registration as a member of the Parish
  • Regular attendance at weekend Mass
  • Service to the parish community
  • Responsible financial support as one is able

Stages of Preparation:

Remote Preparation ( Grades 9 and 10 )

  • Attend Faith Formation Classes for two years
  •  Attend the John Bosco Day or Wisconsin Youth Rally in both 9th and 10th grades (1 rally each year)
  •  Attend weekend Mass regularly
  • Participate in service activities in the parish and community

 Immediate Preparation (Grades 11/12)

  • Register as adult member of St Gregory the Great Parish.
  • Attend Weekend Mass regularly
  • Attend Confirmation Preparation Classes
  • Contribute financially to the Church as one is able
  • Attend a weekend Confirmation Retreat
  • Participate in service activities in the parish and community
  • Complete a reflection paper on the Saint chosen for a Confirmation name

 Final Stage of Preparation

  • Letter to the Archbishop/Bishop requesting Confirmation
  • Interview with the Director
              For more information, contact
Lety Gutierrez-Kenny at 414-543-8292 ext. 238, [email protected]