2018 Catholic Stewardship Appeal


A message from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Demse:


We at St. Gregory the Great Parish have always been a responsive, generous  faith community Not only have we taken care of our parish  but we have contributed our support to the greater Church of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee through the Catholic Stewardship Appeal.




The Appeal was founded on the tradition of faith, hope and love. It's a demonstration of our humility and gratitude that is firmly rooted in the biblical concept of stewardship and in our obligation as Catholics, as disciples of Jesus, to share our blessings with others.


This year we are asked to put our faith into action, united in an effort to help ensure that the Church in Southeastern Wisconsin not only sustains, but grows ministries that serve others.  Gifts to the Catholic Stewardship Appeal will assist 40 seminarians in their preparation for the priesthood, 31,569 students in 99 Catholic schools to have a quality education, and 3700 people in Christian Formation Programs to deepen their relationship with Christ.  These are just a few of the groups of Catholics who benefit from this Appeal.


Every registered household of St. Greg's will receive an invitation in the mail from Archbishop Jerome Listecki to make a contribution to this year’s Catholic Stewardship Appeal.  Please consider helping us to reach our Parish Goal of $38,000.  You may make your contribution through the mail or on line through the web site of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. It can be a one-time gift or through a pledge that is paid in installments throughout the year. All contributions will be used solely for the restricted purposes of the 2018 Catholic Stewardship Appeal and for no other purposes.  


Thank you to those of you have been faithful contributors to this Appeal in the past.  We hope you will consider renewing your support this year - with an increase if possible. And for those of you who have not made a gift before, please think about doing so this year.


May God bless you all, our parish of St Gregory the Great, and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, that we belong to.