Greeters & Ushers

Yours is the first of Christ's faces
to greet God's people as they assemble for prayer.

Remember that you stand at the temple gates:
some will come rejoicing, and others in fear;
some will come healed,
and others to seek that healing.

Come to your work and your post
from your personal prayer;
be as ready as the Lord to meet his people.
-- Austin Fleming


An usher or greeter should be a person -

  • with a good sense of liturgical prayer
  • who is comfortable meeting others and making them feel welcome and at home
  • who is willing to arrive early and stay for a few minutes after Mass

Specific Duties

Before Mass, the role of the usher in some ways overlaps the role of the greeters. Both are asked to arrive at least 20 minutes before the service begins. Their primary role is to warmly greet people as they arrive — to be friendly without being intrusive. Both need to be extra attentive to the needs of physically or mentally disabled persons, to parents with small children, to the aged and to guests and newcomers.

However, unlike greeters, the usher continues to function throughout the Mass. Among other things, ushers:

  • assist in finding people to bring forward the gifts of bread and wine
  • take up the collection
  • care for anyone who becomes ill during the service
  • assist as needed with the communion procession
  • pass out bulletins
  • do any necessary general clean-up after Mass


Training is relatively straightforward and consists of a discussion of the importance of the role of the usher and greeter, and an introduction to the church space (location of restrooms, handicapped entrances, crying room, etc.)

Training is scheduled according to need and availability.

A small library of books and tapes is also available to ushers in their ongoing formation.


At the training session, each new usher or greeter fills out a form stating preferred Mass times and how often they wish to serve on Sundays and/or holy days. For each scheduling period, ministers may request to be scheduled or not be scheduled for specific dates.

For more information or to set up a training date, contact Cindy Bremeier, Director of Liturgy at 414-543-8292 ext. 213, or email [email protected]