Yours is a share
in the work of the Lord's Spirit
who opens our hearts to God's holy word.
You are the messenger of God's love for us.
Your task is to proclaim that word,
which challenges, confronts and captures our hearts.

Come to your work
from your personal prayer,
praying that the Spirit
will open your heart to what you proclaim.
-- Austin Fleming


A lector should have:knowledge, appreciation and love for the scriptures; the maturity and ability to proclaim the scriptures with poise and confidence; an understanding of the role of scripture in daily life, the liturgy, the sacraments and the liturgical seasons.

Specific Duties

Lectors proclaim the first and second readings and the General Intersessions at all Sunday and Holy Day Masses when needed.


New lectors meet with the Director of Liturgy or another experienced lector for two or three sessions, depending on the individual's skills and previous training. A Lector Workbook is provided to all lectors to assist them in their preparations. A willingness to spend quality time preparing the readings each week before you are scheduled to read is essential, as is a desire to spend time in personal prayer with the Word of God.

A small library of books and tapes is also available to lectors for their ongoing study.


At the training session, each new lector fills out a form stating their preferred Mass times and how often they wish to read. For each scheduling period, lectors may request to be scheduled or not be scheduled for specific dates.

For more information or to set up a training date, contact Cindy Bremeier, Director of Liturgy,
at 414-543-8292 ext. 213, or email [email protected]

"In the hearing of God's word the church is built up and grows
and in the signs of the liturgical celebration God's wonderful, past works in the history of salvation
are presented anew as mysterious realities."