Wedding Planning

Freedom to Marry

Congratulations on your engagement!

God abundantly blesses your love. Marriage comes from the hand of God. God brings a man and a woman together to love and support each other.  We want to support you in preparing for your marriage. 


This is what the Catholic Church believes Marriage is:
  • We believe that all human love originates in divine love and that God is the author of marriage.
  • We believe marriage is life-long.
  • We believe that marriage is a sign and symbol of God’s love for humankind and Christ’s love for the church.
  • We believe that marriage between baptized adults is a sacrament through which the couple receives special graces to perfect their love and strengthen their unity.
  • We believe that by its very nature, marriage is open to life.
  • We believe that every new marriage forms a new family in the Body of Christ, a new domestic church, united in the Spirit to all who believe in Christ.