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The School Commission serves as an advisory body to the parish school administrator. It assists with the development of policies which are set forth in the Mission Statement/Philosophy and Goals of St. Gregory the Great Parish School. The School Commission is directly accountable to the Parish Pastoral Council.

School Commission Members

Members of the School Commission shall be the pastor(ex officio), principal(ex officio), and a minimum of 9 members with a maximum of 12 persons.   The Commission will consist of parish members at large and parents/guardians of children attending the school.  There will be 2 chairpersons who are responsible for leading the School Commission.  The Pastoral Council will appoint a representative to the School Commission in order to facilitate communication between the School Commission and the Pastoral Council.

The School Commission meets monthly throughout the school year.  Minutes are posted on the school website.  Meetings are open to the St. Greg's parish school community. Meeting dates are included below. Members of the parish school community who wish to address the Commission should submit a written request to the chairperson for consideration.

School Commission Nomination

For Next Year’s Board

We are looking for nominations for next year’s School Commission! If you or someone you know would like to be a part of the principal’s advisory team, please consider becoming a board member.


Positions Available

Vice Chairperson


Members at Large


Please see Roles and Responsibilities

Nominate a friend, parish member, or even yourself!


Please contact Mike Gutierrez [email protected]

Please submit your nominations to the school office by April 30, 2019

Please click here for nomination form. 

St. Gregory the Great Parish & School Active School Commission Members

2019-20 School Year

Fr. Todd Budde - Ex Officio

Amy Schlegel - Ex Officio

Yolande Lasky - Pastoral Council Representative

Mike Gutierrez - Chairman

John Krostag

Teresa Morales

Danielle Denkert

Chris Givens