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Parish Directives

Dear Parishioners,

As we continue to welcome you and guests back to Mass at St. Greg’s, here are the latest directives.  We hope they will help you prepare for your own return to us, but we also want you to consider your own health and comfort level when making a decision about returning to Mass with us. In Archbishop Listecki‘s letter dated September 10, 2020,  he states: “Under normal circumstances, Catholics are already dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass for grave reasons, such as illness, care for sick or infants. Today, being in the high-risk category for contracting COVID-19 is considered a grave reason.” If you are 65+, have underlying health conditions, you are dispensed from the obligation to attend weekend Mass. Please make the best decision for you. If you are sick, please do not come to Mass, especially as we approach cold and flu season.

 Please Note:  There will still be a risk for anyone who attends a public Mass to contract COVID-19.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Todd

LIMITED GATHERING:  Our church has proper social distancing protocols in place and we adhere to this.  We have not met our capacity for socially distanced seating yet, however, once we do the doors will be locked and no other people will be allowed to enter for that particular mass time. 


  • There will be TWO DOORS open for entrance/exit. They will open 30 minutes prior to Mass.  The 63rd Street handicap accessible door (#3) and the Parking Lot/Gym door (#9).  The other entrances will be locked including the elevator entrance.
  • Please reserve parking on 63rd for those with physical limitations and those needing to drop off people with physical limitations.
  • There will be ushers at the designated entrances to provide guidance and answer questions.
  • Masks are required to enter any building at St. Greg’s.
  • There will be hand sanitizing stations for arrival, communion, and dismissal. You may also bring your own hand sanitizer if you have a travel size bottle that you carry with you.


  • A one page order of worship will be available at tables as you enter. We cannot reuse these pieces of paper, therefore we will have a receptacle for you to dispose of your own paper at the exits.
  • The reception of Holy Communion will look different. Follow the usher’s directions for when to receive. 
  • Communion is to be received only in the hand and there will be no cup. We are not able to provide any hosts in pyxes at this time.  Viaticum (during Last Rites) is the only Eucharist that is currently being shared outside of weekend Mass.
  • There will be two collection boxes at the entrances of church. Offertory donations and envelopes may be left there.  We will not pass baskets for an offertory collection, nor present the gifts in procession.
  • Of course, to practice safe social distancing, we will not hold hands as a congregation during the Our Father or shake hands with those outside our family for the sign of peace.


  • Ushers will direct the exit out of the Church. No one is to remain in the church after Mass.
  • Strict sanitizing protocols are followed after EACH MASS.


  • Daily Mass is celebrated on Thursdays at 8:15, ONLY when school is in session. Please consult the bulletin or call the office to inquire about exact dates.
  • Funeral Masses are being celebrated, however, no visitations are allowed in church.
  • Reconciliation celebrated the first Saturday of the month from 3:00 pm until the line ends, or by appointment.
  • Last Rites, sharing of Viaticum only, contact Fr. Todd.